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Who is Isent ?

We are a Service Provider that delivers groceries and other goods to your doorstep at your
earliest convenience!!!

Step 1

Register for online
Ordering start to digitalized store


Step 2

Set up Menu
Allow users to discover your menu on Isent


Step 3

Start receiving orders online
Manage orders from the Web dashboard

Who can partner with Isent ?


Groceries Stores




Essential goods store

Our Gogettors-What do they Do?

We have a team of Gogettors.They bring the service flow as shoppers,drivers,marketers,sales team,delivery team.They can be working on an individual position all can do all the jobs in one. Our partners can easily join our Gogettor team and do own deliveries and the money goes back to their company.

Benefits to the Retailer!

  • No need to build a new delivery service or website to partner with us and we will offer the service.
  • One stop shopping service platform for your clients
  • You can get free status on your customer and product purchase behavior
  • An opportunity to reach new clients quicker.
  • Free advertising
  • Advertising banners, buy adds and coupons on the platform

Benefits to customers?

  • Convenience saving time and putting your energy in other things.
  • Same day delivery service
  • Inter City Purchase (Clients can buy groceries for family in Chivhu whilst they are in Harare
  • Subscribe to get free delivery all year round for a minimum purchase of goods and service per order.
  • Option to collect if they don’t want to pay for delivery
  • Benefit from referral promotions and prize draws.

Our Features

order management

Order Management



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